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2 Common Arizona Foot and Ankle Injuries

2 Common Arizona Foot and Ankle Injuries - Arizona Orthopedic Foot and Ankle CenterAccording to Medline Plus, the most common ankle problems are sprains and fractures. When you sprain your ankle, you injure one of the ligaments that connects bone to bones. However, you might also damage the tendons, which connect muscles to bones. Your foot contains more than one-quarter of the bones in your body. An ankle stress fracture in Phoenix is a common problem among hikers and athletes. However, foot and ankle injuries are not limited to the active or the young.

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Hiking Injuries

When you descend a trail while hiking, you are at the most risk for falls. Add stability when you’re out by using a hiking pole. You can simply roll your foot from a wet surface or an object that moves when you step on it.  If you do injure your foot or ankle, make sure that you get appropriate care from an orthopedist who understands the best treatment methods to make your foot healthy again.


Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries - Foot and Ankle InjuriesOften, ankle and joint pain in an athlete is attributed to a sprain, but not every injury is a sprain. Other common sports injuries include arch pain and Achilles tendinitis in Phoenix. Chronic injuries to the ankle may require orthopedic foot and ankle surgery, but what is important is an accurate diagnosis early on which leads to a better outcome with the correct treatment.

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When to See a Doctor

As you age, your bone strength and muscle mass weakens which make you more vulnerable to fractures and injuries. You should wear supportive shoes and take care of your feet. Although most people tend to treat sprains and strains at home, it’s important to know when to get to your doctor. If you have signs of infection or have numbness, if pain and swelling becomes more severe, or if your symptoms do not improve, you should check with your physician. A specialist, such as an orthopedic foot surgeon in Phoenix, has the experience and technology to get you back on your feet quickly.

Dr. John W. Cory, M.D. is a Board certified foot and ankle specialist who completed a prestigious fellowship with the American Sports Medical Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. He has experience treating professional athletes from gymnastics to the NFL. He has worked with all ages, including infants and geriatrics. You can trust him to take care of your foot and ankle injuries. When you need an orthopedic foot surgeon in Phoenix, make a call to a doctor you can depend on.


John Cory

John Cory

Dr. John W. Cory M.D. is the Foot and Ankle Center orthopedic surgeon. Dr. John Cory is a fellowship trained, board certified foot and ankle surgeon. He specializes in sports foot and ankle injuries in Phoenix.

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