Recommendations for Dr. John Cory


Dr. Cory,
I just got the okay to remove my boot and go to P.T.
You did a reconstruction of my RA bunion, and toes!
One should not (probably)enjoy going into a Dr’s office, but I have had a delightful experience from start to finish! My foot looks almost new. You are special surgeon, your staff reflects your persona and beliefs.
Thank you for being my surgeon and having the great staff. Chad also has your great touch!
Dale Wilson


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Hey guess what doc? hopefully my shins hold up another 5 years because i just verbally committed to play soccer at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado! without you, i physically wouldn’t even be able to get to this point, so thank you for always pushing me and believing in me when i didn’t even believe in myself! i am so grateful to have the best foot/ankle doctor in the world and i am so excited i actually am able to take it to the next level, because a little over a year ago i didn’t even think i’d play club again. thank you for being such a great influence on my life!



Rachel is working on a project for school about family.  She is making a video with pictures.  You would be honored….she put the picture of you and her  in it!  You are amazing!  Thanks for all you do.



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Hi there,
Don’t know if you know , but Henrik played his first game over the weekend. He’s very excited to be back ! Thanks again for your hard work
J.S (mom)


Testimonial-- Rachel W

One year ago today, I wouldn’t have done it without you! you have truly pushed me to continue playing my passion and for doing it for only me! with my stubborn attitude, I didn’t think it was possible.


Today I am playing in the quarterfinals for high school and hoping to proceed to the semi finals. I just want to thank you for being my hero! love you so much doc! from your favorite patient!

Rachel W




My patients who have all seen you can’t rave enough about how much they love you. Thank you very mucho! You’re awesome!

‘Hello Dr. Cory,

It was great visiting with you again on Monday. I enjoyed both Saturday’s and Monday’sdiscussion. Thank you very much for treating the boys and hope they know how special it is to be treated by the best in the state and arguably in the country.

I am forwarding the newsletter as it is timely on the concussion and changing the rules for the younger groups.

Tim Alai
Grande Sports Academy –Home of the Real Salt Lake – Arizona Academy’

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Dear Dr. Cory,testimonal-01

Thank you for taking the time to mentor me as I apply to medical school. I know that shadowing opportunities take a great deal of time, energy and effort and I cannot begin to explain how much I truly appreciate this opportunity. You are an amazing mentor and observing you in your practice inspires me to one day become a physician like you. I cherish the knowledge that you have shared with me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Jessica A

Thanks to you, I can do Triathlons now!

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Dear Dr. Cory,

Thank you so much for fixing my ankle! I couldn’t have had a better doctor. You have been so compassionate and kind to me. Now my ankle is normal now and I can do the things I did before I broke my ankle with no pain. You are by far the best doctor and orthopedic surgeon anyone could ask for. Once again, thank you so much for healing my ankle!


Natalie R. – Phoenix, AZ

Thanks Dr. Cory for the Excellent Care and Professional Guidance

Dr John Cory Review - Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Cory,

I really appreciate all the help, excellent care and professional guidance you have given me. I have good and bad days with the right foot, but I’m persevering. Again ou and your staff have been tremendous.

Gary Howes, P.F.D – Phoenix, AZ

Thank You Dr. Cory for the Shadowing Experience

I wanted to send Dr. Cory an email regarding my shadowing experience last year. In regards to the knowledge and experience I have obtained from observing his ability to treat his patients was an eye opening experience for me. This is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I am proud to say that I have been accepted to Midwestern University’s Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine class of 2018, and I believe I could not have been able to obtain this goal without Dr. Cory. I want to say thank you to Dr. Cory for allowing me to shadow him for a couple of months while obtaining my Master’s degree. The time I spent at Arizona Orthopedic [The Foot and Ankle Center] was a great experience and I would recommend any pre-medical student to shadow him. Again, I cannot explain how much I appreciate Dr. Cory’s help, thank you for everything.

Patrick Pangle – Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Cardinals Starting Linebacker Sam Acho Undergoes Surgery on Left Fibula

The Arizona Cardinals lost two of their starting linebackers in the game on September 22nd against the Saints. High energy starting linebacker Sam Acho fractured his left fibula in the game and underwent surgery at the The Foot and Ankle Center with Dr. Cory on Tuesday, September 24th.

You can follow his recovery progress on his blog at SamAcho.com.

Sam Acho Fibula Surgery

AZ Cardinals Linebacker Sam Acho after Fibula Surgery

 “Dr. Cory, Thanks For Putting Me Back Together AGAIN!”

Phoenix Orthopedic Surgeon TestimonialBillie S. :)


“Little Dancers, Big Injuries”

This is an email we received from a happy aunt with a niece that injured herself while dancing and needed to see the doctor ASAP.

Hello Lisa,

I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for going out of your way to get my niece, Jaryn, in for a last minute appointment yesterday with Dr. Cory. I hope it didn’t mess up anyone’s schedule too badly! My sister and Jaryn both really liked their experience and will certainly pass along your information to any of their other dancer friends who may become injured.

Lauren P. – Phoenix, AZ


“Marathon Runner Given the Chance to Return to Her Passion”

I have had an awesome experience with Dr John Cory; from my very first appointment to today’s surgery.

I have struggled with an ankle injury for nearly a decade. When I originally injured my ankle, I was running 50+ miles a week and had just run my first marathon, coming 3rd in my age group at 3:53.

I badly sprained my ankle and it just never healed. I did PT, iced, elevated, wore an air cast. I did acupuncture, herbal compresses and chiropractic care. I consulted ankle specialists.  Imaging was not conclusive and my surgeon at the time believed I had a cartilage injury. He wanted to break my ankle and stuff cartilage from my heel into the ankle. Uh yeah… No.

Fast forward 9 years, two pregnancies and an extra 50lbs and a gradual, sad acceptance that my life as a runner was over. Should I run today, my ankle swells, bruises and leaves me in a miserable state – like walking on broken glass. I can sprain it with the slightest wrong landing. I can’t wear high heels worth a damn.  My running, a true passion, has dwindled to nonexistence.

My husband encouraged me to use one last grain of hope and go back to a foot and ankle specialist to see if any technology advances could offer me a less traumatic resolution with a higher probability of a positive outcome.  I did some pretty hefty research and decided to call Dr. John Cory. I am SO very glad I did.

In our first meeting, he rapidly assessed my symptoms and accurately diagnosed the accessory navicular and damage to posterior tibial tendon that causes my ongoing pain, by touch.  His diagnosis was later confirmed by X-ray and MRI and Dr. Cory explained the surgery that would correct it in our follow-up visit.

Dr. Cory is, simply put, a wonderful surgeon.  He listens to his patients and is humble, empathetic and sincere. He is confident without arrogance and is receptive to a patient who is educated about the physiology of their condition.  He is obviously highly respected and liked by his staff, peers and patients.

My surgery today went without a hitch. The nurses and staff were wonderful. Dr Cory also visited with me in pre-op and reassured me in a clear, direct, no-nonsense way.  I feel great, no nausea, pain managed well.

Dr. Cory has restored my confidence in the future and has given me hope of a gift the value of which cannot be measured… That in 9-12 months, I will once again be reunited with my sport and passion. Maybe I won’t hit my old PR, but I will return to fitness, high activity, play chase with my lovely little kiddos, lose weight, get fit and live a little longer as a result. I have immense gratitude to him, his staff and the team at Scottsdale surgery center and would send any family member or friend his way.

Thank you, Doctor Cory!!!!  I will see you in a couple of weeks and look forward to proudly running the office 5-k with Team Cory in Feb!

Sara D. – Portland, Oregon


“Achilles Tendon Rupture, Weight Loss Struggles, and Dr. John Cory”

After struggling with weight loss and gain all of my life, and then suffering an Achilles tendon rupture, I was at a low point. Thankfully my doctor, Dr John Cory, inspired me to continue. His humanistic approach to medicine touched me and he has given me the voice and the courage to undertake this battle for the last time.  I have never connected with a doctor the way I did with him.  He told me about his brother’s struggle with weight loss and his many patients who if they only could understand the health benefits of losing weight, could change their lives forever.  He asked me if I would be interested in helping some of the patients who may express an interest in doing just that.  My reply was, “Of course.”  At each visit I became more inspired by this man.  His true dedication to his profession and his patients is truly unlike any doctor I have ever encountered.  I can only imagine and hope one day, that I too can make a difference daily in people’s lives- the way he has in mine.  I will forever be grateful.

Read the full story of my weight loss struggle and how Dr. Cory has helped.

Follow my continuing weight loss journey on my blog: http://whenurlargeurnotincharge.wordpress.com/

Julie Sims


“My Gymnast Daughter and Multiple Ankle Injuries”

When my 12 year old daughter had her first gymnastics injury it was very important for me to have her physician be an orthopedic surgeon, with a specialty in sports medicine, board certified, and come highly recommended. Another gymnast family had highly recommended Dr. John Cory. I called Dr. Cory’s office and got an immediate appointment. No surgery was required for her foot fracture and was very pleased with the care she received. 4 years later, now a more serious ankle fracture sustained during a gymnastics meet. The day after the injury, Dr. Cory again saw us immediately. My daughter had several diagnostics studies that day. All the specifics such as insurance pre-approval and scheduling with the diagnostic offices were efficiently taken care of by Lisa, Dr. Cory’s assistant. Lisa took the frustration of dealing with insurance companies and scheduling appointments away from me, that was truly appreciated. I was amazed and so pleased that by the end of that day we had a plan for treatment and recovery. Surgery was scheduled just 3 days later. Immediately after surgery, Dr. Cory spent time discussing in length the surgery and expected outcomes with me and my husband. Dr. Cory understands what athletes need, it was reassuring to know my daughter was getting the best care possible that would allow her return to the sport she has dedicated 9 years of her young life to. Dr. Cory is always readily available for questions and concerns, something that is rare in healthcare today. He has also cared for my son (another fracture and surgery), as well as my other gymnast daughter, both were given the same superior care. As a 30 year health-care professional, I am extremely selective with the physicians that care for my family and I recommend Dr. Cory to anyone needing an orthopedic surgeon. Not only is Dr. Cory a superior physician, the customer service you receive from the entire office staff is so refreshing!

Ana M., RN, MS

Professor of Nursing/Nurse Educator


“One of the Best”

Dr. Cory is one of the best doctors our family has ever seen. He takes the time to make sure all your questions are answered and never makes you feel rushed. Dr. Cory explains the problem, giving you options and tells you what to expect during your treatment. Dr. Cory performed my foot surgery, and has also terated both of my daughters on multiple occasions for a variety of sports injuries ranging from twisted ankle, fracture, and Plantar fasciitis and the results have been fantastic. we have always received exceptional care from Dr. Cory. The office staff is extremely accommodating and always very pleasant. I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Denise S.


Shannon W.

Hi Dr Cory! This is Shannon W., shattered Achilles 8/12-I thought you would love an update! I’m doing fantastic! Started back vigorously working out and  healthy! You did an amazing job on my repair and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you so much! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family and practice!



Kim R.

You truly ARE the best ! I would have the same procedure with you again tomorrow … And THAT is saying something ! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday (you definitely made mine better) and I will see you soon in the office